Connector Plating Equipment

1. Automatic unwinding device
A dedicated operation program automatically changes the reel and connects the end of the workpiece being transported and the tip of the workpiece on the new reel to the correct position by image processing.
By adopting image processing for connection alignment, it is possible to connect workpieces with different deformations and shapes.

2. Automatic take-up device with sampling mechanism
Our automatic take-up device is equipped with free loop and automatic sampling, collects samples at the tip, end and middle joint, and automatically changes reels according to each reel.
In addition, the tip can be stably wound on the reel by the automatic operation program developed independently.

3. Image inspection equipment
By installing an image processing camera in-line with the device, discoloration and foreign matter can be quickly detected, and NG history can be managed and output.
Our dedicated image processing guide roller is designed to suppress work shake and resonance, enabling stable image processing inspection.

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