Cluster Type Plating Equipment


TypeFully automatic cup type
Target wafer size4,5,6,8 inches
4,5 inches up to 8 CUP, 6 inches up to 6 CUP, 8 inches up to 6 CUP
UseBump, Via, Rewiring, WLP, MEMS
Compatible with plating solutionAu, Cu, Ni, SnAg, etc.
Supports composite plating such as Cu, Ni, SnAg
Feature・ Space-saving housing (2,400mm x 2,400mm)
・ Equipped with spin rinser dryer (dry in dry out)
・ Levitro pump specifications: Compatible with non-cyan gold plating solution
・ Recipes can be registered using the touch panel
・ Registration of operation conditions and operation management for each lot is possible
・ Automatic cathode cleaner (optional)